Interview by FOEDUS AETERNUS zine : 

1) Can you tell more about Anael and ,more difficult, can you tell us about the style?

Anael is a project in which I want to tell and describe all my personal thoughts, that's why it is a solo project. It's true that the style is very hard to define... I listen to metal music for 10 years, and I discovered many many things! And as a musician I can't say I only listen to metal ! Actually, Anael just reflects the darkness and agressivity of our minds. Musically, it's metal, indus' and melodies.

2) What are the critics about "Union" (your first release)? Was it welcomed?

Yes. About 99% of the listeners were pleased. Paradoxically, it's when we don't care about people's mind that they like what we do!
"Dark" is the word that everybody use to describe Union.

3) Can you tell us more about the lyrics?

The lyrics are very personal but it can be understood in a more general way, I prefer to let the listeners have their own view.
"Thyresias"'s lyrics are from T.S Eliot's "Waste Land", it's about a prophet who forsees a future which is quiet frightening.

4) You've made an original cover, it's Burzum's "Dunkelheit". Why?

Simply, because I like this song! I transformed this "07.30 min" song in a "03.40 min" song. I didn't choose this one because it's a black metal song. For me, music is more than art, it's the sixth sense ! Music comes through us thanks to the hear, but the pleasure lies elsewhere.

5) Anael is a "one-man-band", will you have musicians to play live?

Yes, and it's done! Our first show was a success! I liked it very much!

6) What do you think of the french metal scene?

Generally, french people are more followers than leaders. Because a band named Limp Bizkit is famous, all the kids in France imitates them! And it's the same for the black metal wave.
When I go to a hardcore fest. (music that I like), I have the impression to watch the same band five times.
The french metal scene also needs economical support. When I see foreign countries helping their local bands, I'm disgusted to stay in France ( but I can't fly by the net).

7) Last words.

The preceding answer may seem pretentious, but it only aims at creating reactions.