Interview With A.N.A.E.L. for AFM#3-2003
interview by Mortifer , Answered by: Anael

1) First all my regards to you. Could you present A.N.A.E.L. to the readers? A brief yet profound story how it came to found A.N.A.E.L. and why?

Hello! I created A.N.A.E.L. on september 2001 when the first demo "Union" was released (it contains 5 tracks). Then, I engaged Manu on bass and JC on guitar to play live shows. On february 2002 , " Union " became a 7 tracks C.D and A.N.A.E.L. appeared on some compilations ( including one for Dead Sun Records). September 2002 : A.N.A.E.L. made a remix of "Union " and composed a new song : " Prometheus ". These songs form the second release :" Page 04 ", it's more a black/death/indus release. A.N.A.E.L. engaged Jerome on drums on october 2002.

2) I seems like you are the only member - is that correct?

It's true that I compose the music and lyrics for A.N.A.E.L., but A.N.A.E.L. is a live band, and what is a band without its members? We are all behind A.N.A.E.L.

3) Present the style of A.N.A.E.L. With your own words, and describe the world of A.N.A.E.L. in 3 Words!

A.N.A.E.L. plays a strange music for some people, but for us it is not the case! It's a mixture of death-metal influences of my childhood, melodies of black-metal and "coldness" of industrial sound. I listen to many style of music, but I hate "happy stupid" music! The only thing that I can say to describe you the music is : "get the CD and make up your own mind!"
3 words? "one's innermost conscience"

4) Your ideology! What will you express with A.N.A.E.L. and why?, where did you found your sources of inspiration? And if you should compare A.N.A.E.L. to another known band, which would that be and why?

I want to spread the idea that everyone should be open-minded. Life is worthless if you don't multiply experiences. A.N.A.E.L.' s songs come from my subconscious which is the reflection of all that happen in my life, all the music that I listen...
Many reviews compared A.N.A.E.L. to Red Harvest and I didn't know them until these comparisons! And it's true that we have the same point of view about music. But I must say that the bands that I respect the most are : Opeth and Emperor.

5) How were A.N.A.E.L. received in the underground? Can you bring anything new? If so what?

A.N.A.E.L was well received in the underground. For me it's a good beginning, but it's just the beginning. Patience is another virtue that I have to deal with when I started the band.
Only time and people can tell if I'll bring something new...

6) Present your releases. Which one do you prefer yourself and why? What will your future releases(s) contains, and how do they different from the previous?

The only available release is "Page 04" and it's the one that I prefer. "Union" is sold-out. I prefer "Page 04" because it has a better sound than "Union". I'm working on the next release and it will be different from the others because time brings you experience... ;)

7) If I as a label, should chose one band from 100 other bands, why should I chose you then?

Music is my life and passion.

8) Future dreams?

I want Ben Laden phone me and ask me to drink a cup of tea with him, and then George W Bush call me and offer me money to tell him where B.Laden is.

9) I am out of here. Thank you for taking your time , and very good luck to you in the future!

Thanks to you! Of course a band need some luck, but the most important thing is hard work!
Last word : come to and listen to my mp3s and if black/death/indus suit you, get "Page 04"!