Diahableries Webzine

1. First, could you define and describe your music ?

It's a mix of black, death, hardcore and indus music and as every music it is sometimes violent sometimes melodic.

2. What is the meaning of A.n.a.e.l. ? Why did you choose it ?

There's no meaning, it's just a name such as Jesus or Mohammed or any other cunt's name. I chose A.n.a.e.l. to avoid some clichés such as "Pussy Eater", "Satan's Grandmother ", "I Like Goth Pussies" or "Fils de Putes".
And A.n.a.e.l.sounds quiet good to me!

3. You recorded "Union", a five tracks demo cd-r and then you added 2 tracks in January 2002. We can listen to a new demo now with a new track and three new versions of "Union". Why did you record old tracks again ?

I recorded old tracks because "Union" has a bad sound, then I chose the songs that I liked the most and it gave birth to "Page 04", the second demo.
It's an evolution and I propose this evolution to the people.

4. You recorded a Burzum cover which is very different from the original version. Why ? Are you influenced with old black metal hordes ? Which version do you like better and what could you tell me about the two versions?

There's no use to make a "copy-paste" cover, if someone makes a cover, he has to add his own feeling. If not, you'd better listen to the original version!
I like "old black metal hordes" because like for some bands in the 1970's, when you have a dirty sound it creates a feeling that could not be produced with a perfect sound.
My version of Dunkelheit is shorter, it lasts 03.30 min. instead of 07.00 min., so if you're in a hurry, you'd rather listen to my cover!

5. Your first stuff had a good press in metal musik newspapers and webzines. What do you think about to record a full length opus ? Do you have some propositions from labels ?

I hope that I'll get the time to record a full length opus, it's one of my goal for Anael. But it takes too much time to promote a band, to organise live shows, to answer mails... and I'm also a student! All I could say about labels is there are some of them which are waiting for the full length opus, but maybe they would no longer exist when I release it !

6. You played with other bands in the past. Why did you choose to create A.n.a.e.l. as a one-man-band and what is different when you play gigs with additionnal musicians ?

I created A.n.a.e.l. as a one-man-band because I like to "work" alone. I always ask my friends and musicians advice, but the final decision is up to me. I hate to be given orders... maybe I'm still a teenager.

7. What kind of relations do you maintain with the metal scene and what do you think about this scene ? What do you think about the bands and people who listen to this kind of musik ?

I maintain good relations with bands I like.
There's many people who listen to metal music just to rebel against something, and when they get older they stop listen to it. There's also old people who clung to metal music to feel younger, and to be young means sometimes to be a cunt. And I know many cunts in the metal scene whether they're from a band or just bearded losers.

8. Do you think that great metal bands exist in France ?
What about new bands which play black, death, grind or other extreme metal musik ?

Of course! There are great metal bands everywhere.
The problem is France is a backward country! Look at Germany, Norway, Sweden or Denmark, these countries understood that one has to take risks to advance. The thing that French labels do the best is to promote Norwegian, Swedish, German bands....
There's also another great French sin : jealousy .