A.N.A.E.L. Interview for DemonicHorde by Tribalchemy - Dec. 02

There are some UG bands that slowly develop their own path, their own musical style, creating yet against the current but with a good cohesion, even some talent that make their releases worth a listen.A.N.A.E.L. is a French UG band, enlarging their expression from Metal to industrial, softer to more aggressive tunes that compose the hybrid style of their promising releases.This relative young band was formed in 2000, and developed as a one-man project by Anael (Oilid D.), gathering sessions musicians for the live appearances. A.N.A.E.L. released & re-released 4 Demos, presenting very distinct tracks, covers and re-mixed yet improved versions of the older compositions. The band is now presenting his 4th Demo entitled "Page 04" and extended from a fire-track to a eight-tracks release. I asked Anael to present his projects, inspirations and aspirations.

1 - Hi Oilid, are the things going well for A.N.A.E.L. ? You got good feedbacks since your first Demo release, are you satisfied with the response A.N.A.E.L. got so far ?

Yes, things are going quiet well but not enough for me! I'd like to buy expensive cars and put fat bitches around it but when you play metal music you are condemned to poverty!
More seriously, I'm satisfied with the responses that my releases had, because everyone who listened to it or came to our shows were satisfied.

2 - Back to the roots of the band, can you present us the origin of A.N.A.E.L., is it a one man band since the beginning or will the band enlarge its line-up in the future ?Tell us a bit more about the choice of the name 'A.N.A.E.L.', as well as your involvement in other bands, are some of your side-projects still active ?

A.n.a.e.l. is a band in which I compose and record everything, I call it a band because without my musicians and friends I couldn't do anything for live shows, and live shows are really essential for a band! A.n.a.e.l. is working well this way, and I'll continue like that. A.n.a.e.l. is just a name that sounds good, that's why I chose it.I also play in a project called LS201, it's electronic metal. I used to have many other bands (black, grind, brutal death, hxc) but now I only concentrate on A.n.a.e.l. and play in LS201.

3 - What were your main musical influences and personal tastes ? Are they some bands that influenced you and that you still appreciate nowadays ?Was your musical style similar when you started the band, or as it evolved since the first Demo ?

Every good music interests me, it could be as well Dying Fetus as The Doors.A band ( or artist ) has just to play a music that make me feel something agreeable! Generally I prefer dark music.All the music that I listen influence me but in a indirect way.Of course A.n.a.e.l.'s musical style evolved since the first Demo. I try to learn something about music every time it's possible!

4 - Can you present the other musicians involved in A.N.A.E.L. live appearances ?And the concerts you already did, with which other bands ? Do you think playing Live is the best way to promote your music in your areas, and do A.N.A.E.L. like live appearances ?

Manu is on bass, JC on rhythm guitars and Jerome on drums. We rehearse once a week to prepare ourselves for live shows because it's one of the best way to promote a band and we like it! We already played with Blackout ( heavy death ) Decent (brutal death) and LS201 of course! As you can see we are open minded and we're not afraid to play with bands which practise a different style from ours.
The feeling before, during and after a live show could rapidly become a drug! But it's hard to play in our area because there aren't places for metal music.

5 - You released a first Demo. In 2001, entitled 'Union', can you present it better to us, and are you satisfied with this first offering ? Can you tell us more about this title and the concept of 'Union' ?

"Union" is the very beginning of A.n.a.e.l. so it's both a good remembrance and a Demo in which I point out some details that I don't like, so I'm not satisfied with this first offering. That's why i released "page 04"!But who on earth would be satisfied with its first release! ;) For me "Union" means the union of oppositions, but it's an open word...

6 - Could you present some bands we should know from your areas, as well as some of the albums you personally enjoy or recommend ?

The latest album I got is Audioslave, and I really enjoy it and recommend it ! It's addictive! I won't recommend other bands because those who are worthwhile are already between your ears! Concerning bands from my areas I know one which is called "Fils de Pute" which play excellent hybrid black/death/hardcore !

7 - Do you like the French scene or France in general, what are your opinions ?

The French scene is generally made of people who copy/paste Limp Bizkit. And that's what the mob asks for! So I don't like French scene and France! There are many good french bands but people ignore them.

8 - You compose all the musical parts, do you also write A.N.A.E.L. lyrics and where do you draw your inspiration from ? (artwork, reading, music, nature .)

Yes, I write the lyrics. I draw my inspiration from everywhere at every time, music is my passion, it's the only spiritual thing that makes me live. My brain is constantly thinking of music.

9 - In 2002, you re-released 'Union' and proposed it with 7 tracks instead of 4 originally recorded, can you tell us the reasons of this modification ? You even remixed it again in Autumn 2002, and presented it with the same title. Did you remix some tracks, improved or modified the older compositions, which version of 'Union' do you prefer ?

It's an evolution that I propose to people. As all my releases are self productions, I can always propose the newest version of my songs. But now, "Page 04" is the only and last CD which is on sale , until the next release which would be an album.Today "Page 04" is my favourite release because it gathers brutality, rhythm, emotions, atmosphere and rock! ;)

10- To present a bit your musical style, I can say you play industrial metal, and softer parts that sound in turn Industrial in turn dark metal, and alternate Death and clear vocals, do you agree ? Do you create in mixing diverse musical styles, or you didn't decide yet what musical style you prefer ?

I can't prefer a style or an other, for me music is music, of course there are many things in A.n.a.e.l., and that's maybe why people cannot define us! A.n.a.e.l. is black/death/indus, it's violent and at the same time melodic.

11 - Still in 2002, A.N.A.E.L., you released the Demo "Page 04", composed of 4 distinct tracks, did you compose all the release alone and are you satisfied with the result ?

Yes, I composed "Page 04" and I'm satisfied with the result, even if it's hard for me to be satisfied with my work.

12 - The first track 'Prometheus' is the most violent and energetic of the release, as well with 'Welcome to New World', mixing metal and industrial, even some heavier parts with a right balance, can you tell us a bit more about theses tracks and do you plan to release more music in this industrial vein ?

Yes, I think that I'll propose a more violent music... rhythmically or emotionally...

13 - the second track is radically different, clear vocals and melodic beats and rhythms dominate the track, reminding a large range of melodic metal bands I won't notice here (!!!) and don't belong to extreme metal.

As I said, music is music and I don't care about style barrier, I just play what passes through my mind.

14 - The last track is an original cover of Burzum 'When Night Falls', with clear vocals and intense atmospheres. Why did you release a so short version, and how did you come to choose this track ?
I really appreciate this cover, especially for the different render of your version, did you already covered other bands ?

Dunkelheit, is just a song that I like very much, so I just add my own feelings to this song and the result is "When Night Falls". An indus metal version which would surprise many people! And it's the only cover that A.n.a.e.l. made!

15 - You already got good responses with your different releases, do A.N.A.E.L. plan to release a full-length album in the future or will you propose more Demo ?
Is it difficult to envisage a Label deal or any of your preoccupations nowadays ?
Your Demos and first album are self released, did you release and produce each A.N.A.E.L. demo ?

A.n.a.e.l.'s next release will be a full-length album, so keep an eye on our news!
There are some labels which are waiting for our next release. So wait and see.
When I made "Union" I was far from realising how much it takes time to seriously promote a band when we're alone to do it.

16 - Did A.N.A.E.L. already participated into UG Compilations, splits releases, and do you plan to ?
Do you combine the musician activities with other more or less important goals ?

I've participated to a Dead Sun Records compilation.
Message to all the readers out there : if you're interested by A.n.a.e.l. for your compilation don't hesitate to contact me!
For the moment I'm not interested by a split project, but who knows?
Alas I'm obliged to combine A.n.a.e.l. with other activities such as studies/work...my dream would be to wake up every day and only care about music, but the reality of our shitty life is still present.

17 - I thank you for this interview, and be sure of my support. I let you add the last words or message.

I thank you very much for your support, and also thank every one who had the courage to read the whole interview! ;)
Musicians need people like you devoted to their passions and not fucking wimps who only care for their own interests!