Metalship: Is there a concept A.N.A.E.L.

 Oilid: No, there is just a succession of Indus, black, death, thrash projects that ended in A.N.A.E.L. in which I added melodic lines. In the beginning, it was just a solo project, I didnít expect to play live, and it was only personal pleasure.

Today, we are a band, Julien: guitar, Manu: bass and Jerome who left us in order to live in Paris, so we are searching for his substitute right now.


 Metalship: you create your own sounds and arrangement alone?

 Yes, I do it on my own, cause as I said; itís only for my own pleasure.

It happens to wake up in the middle of the night to record an idea.

What frustrates me is when Iím in the street with nothing to record the idea of the year! Loll


Metalship: is it not frustrating not to exchange with the others?

No, cause I noticed throughout the years that i work better and faster alone.

But once, the song finished, I make it listen and I someone has an interesting idea I take it.


Metalship: you are very active on MySpace; do you think that internet is indispensable?

 Indispensable, not, but very important: yes!

I remember the time when I was spending hours sending 3000 mails to promote a new song, when today; I just have to post a bulletin!

MySpace is a perfect media.
There was Jesus, now thereís Tom, loll.


 Metalship: how does the audience react during your shows?

 Very attentive because A.N.A.E.L. melt ambient and melodic patterns and then we surprise them with an ďin your faceĒ song or riff!

But what is the most grateful thing is when people thank us for playing and existing after the shows.


Metalship: being handsome is helpful, isnít it?

I have no idea! What surprises me is the number of girls who like A.NA.E.L. J


Metalship: your music allies heavy riffs and ambient atmospheres, ę And the Angels Ľ finishes in a very ambient way but it remains metal?

 Yes, because everything comes from my twisted but open mind!

No limit.

It roots in my subconscious and then appears in A.N.A.E.L.

Itís a free band which imposes himself no limit.

But I tell you a secret: Iím a big fan of Pink Floyd! ;)


 Metalship: you are playing in different bands, how do you manage it?

 Actually, I have a giant calendar on my desk on which I write everything I have to do!

I play guitar and write lyrics in Sixteen Sinners (side project of Tamtrumís singer).

Making and writing music is the only thing I can do in my life.


 Metalship: what do you prefer?

I prefer my life to be full of music, itís my life.


 Metalship: What are your influences? Do you think it appears on your music?

 As I said, my music is the result of my subconscious, itís the way my mind chooses to express itself.

I listen to every music and I ďA.N.A.E.L.isedĒ it!

Sometimes I feel that someone is whispering songs in my earsÖ


 Metalship: why does metal remain so underground in France?

I donít know, but some French bands begin to export, it makes me happy.


 Metalship: itís almost impossible to earn its life with thins kind of music, and your motivation stay the same?

 Actually itís hard for everyone because of the downloading disease.

The main goal is live shows!

For me itís not a motivation, itís a passion!


Metalship: what are your other passions?

Reading, meditation and hugs J


 Metalship: what can I wish to you?

To find a label which really bring us up and a good manager.

And that everyone come to hear the music on: